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As Told By Ashley: My week 🤢

I didn’t like school germs as a kid and now that I am an antisocial adult it has gotten worse. This week started out with my oldest getting sick Sunday night and her whole room was in the war path. These stomach virus (bugs) are no joke. Next was my 4 year old down for … Continue reading

As Told By Ashley: Handwriting

I was blessed with many natural talents such as singing, hair styling, school, and many others but handwriting was never a strong skill for me. Being left handed in the nineties meant some of my teachers were sympathetic but there was no one that could really work with me specifically to get my handwriting better. … Continue reading

As Told By Ashley: Turn Signal 101

The ever illusive turn signal. Everyone has them and should know how to use them. For those of you that do not know about this incredible car feature I am presenting you with a comprehensive guide to the turn signal and how to use it appropriately. Step One: Understanding when you should use a turn … Continue reading

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